Position: Executive Assistant

Organization: Amazon Frontlines

Country: Ecuador

About Amazon Frontlines

Amazon Frontlines is a U.S. 501c3 organization based in the northern Amazon of Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru.  We work alongside the indigenous organization, Alianza Ceibo, and other indigenous partners, to advance rights, autonomy, and the protection of indigenous cultures.  We work together to conserve some of the most biodiverse rainforests on Earth – one of our greatest defenses against climate change.

The Position: Indispensable asset, making the most of the key leaders’ time, effort and profile.

You will work primarily with the Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director and key Indigenous leaders to manage their schedules, helping to decide priorities and making sure things happen.

You’ll be part of conversations with a wide range of policy makers, funders, and allies of various stripes.  Your main mission is to meet the needs of the Executive and Deputy Director, but sometimes you’ll work with others on the team to help pull together and coordinate various events and side projects.


We don’t really care what your background is as long as you will excel at the work and thrive in the role.  To do that, you’ll need to understand the work we do and be committed to the mission.  And in this particular job, you need to be:

  •   very organized, obsessed with details, and good with people.
  •   habitually and instinctively helpful
  •   able to anticipate needs and adjust plans on the fly
  •   hard to rattle and ready to laugh.
  •   a decent writer and good communicator
  •   able to make others feel comfortable.

You won’t enjoy this job if you need a lot of structure and day-to-day management.  The managing style around here is pretty loose and you’ve got to be a self-starter, able to work well when everyone’s out in the field.  While you’ll get all the help you ask for, we need a problem solver, someone you can hand off a job to and know that it will be taken to completion.  You are needed and will be hugely appreciated.  Above all, you must be enthused about an active support role.

Basic Responsibilities

  • Fundamentally know what’s going on and make sensible decisions that further the mission.
  • Coordinate and schedule lots of meetings/calls across many time zones.
  • Manage travel processes, including organization of strategic meetings, provision of appropriate briefings, establishment of itineraries and expense management;
  • Collaborate with AF team leaders (especially with the Development and Communications) to ensure seamless coordination of fundraising efforts, identification of cultivation opportunities, support for special events, and other responsibilities that contribute to the overall success of AF.
  • Support social media strategy implementation in collaboration with the Communications team as needed.
  • Request and ensure that meeting prep materials are in hand.
  • Take and keep clear and concise meeting notes.
  • Process the Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director’s expense reports, and other administrative matters, as needed.
  • Maintain and create plans and schedules for organizational processes, such as work schedules, annual budgets, retreats, etc.

Essential Qualifications

  • Exemplary organizational skills.
  • Requisite technology skills to accomplish the above.
  • Significant experience managing something relevant to the above.
  • Bilingual in written and spoken Spanish and English

How to apply?

Submit your resume and cover letter via the following link: https://amazonfrontlines.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=29&source=aWQ9MjI%3D

Interviews will be conducted on an ongoing basis. The position will remain open until it is full.

Work location: The position will be based within Ecuador. Availability for occasional trips to indigenous communities. International travel will be required according to needs.

Amazon Frontlines offers equal opportunity and will not tolerate discrimination based on race, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, ethnic origin, nationality, marital status, or any other legally protected status or classification. We encourage members of the Peoples and Nationalities of Ecuador to apply.

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