We are building power with indigenous peoples to protect their way of life, their lands, and our planet's climate.

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We’re asking you to help ensure that indigenous peoples have the on-the-ground resources and capacity they need to match the threats they are facing day in and day out. By becoming a Frontlines Sustainer you are delivering key resources to indigenous-led battles to save the Amazon month-in and month-out.

No Matter Where You Live We’re All Connected to the Amazon

The fires that ravaged millions of acres of indigenous lands across Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay were fueled by global demand for beef and soy, and financed by global banks. The oil extracted from Ecuador’s northern Amazon is shipped directly to refineries in California, and pumped at gas stations across the country. The jaguar pelts, the gold, the hardwoods, the palm oil – it is all feeding the insatiable demand of industrial society.


In the Upper Amazon, indigenous peoples are uniting and fighting back– through land patrols and litigation, high tech mapping and strengthening women’s leadership– and they are winning historic battles. Now is the time for the global community concerned about the future of our planet to rally behind them.

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